We believe in finding the highest quality, REAL ingredients and letting their flavour shine through.

Our ice cream is made with a very simple philosophy. It is based on the idea of home style cooking. The creaminess doesn't come from any secret ingredients, no synthetic stabilisers or emulsifiers, in fact nothing that you wouldn't find in a regular pantry at home, it simply comes from perfectly balanced recipes made with organic milk, fresh cream, raw sugar and free range egg yolks.

We make everything from scratch using real, whole ingredients. This means roasting & grinding organic nuts, making honeycomb, jams, coulis, caramels in our own kitchen. It's a little more work and a LOT more time consuming, but we're passionate about what we do and feel that the results speak for themselves. Our aim is to bring people the childhood joy of eating ice cream but with some adult sophistication in flavours that aren't based on the body's reaction to sugar, rather the perfect balance of flavour & texture.

At Billy van Creamy we are 100% committed to reducing our impact on the environment, which is why we use as much recycled or recyclable packaging as we can. Our store is fit out with as much recycled material as we could get our hands on too! We love supporting organic & ethical farming to reduce the impact our supply chain has on the environment, so feel free to get in touch if you we feel like we are missing something!

We love supporting the local art and culture scene that helped craft who we are, which is where the  art in our shop comes from. We find up and coming artists to paint our shops and love the individual flair and character of our walls.